Domain Stories with Alan Dunn

Domain name due diligence w/ Dr. John Berryhill, PhD

Episode Summary

Alan Dunn talks with Dr. John Berryhill, Ph.d., one of the world's leading domain name attorneys, about domain name ownership due diligence and more. A must listen for anyone interested in buying a domain name on the aftermarket.

Episode Notes

Listen to Alan Dunn and Dr. John Berryhill, Ph.d. talk about domain name ownership due diligence, domain privacy obstacles and more. Some topics discussed include:

  1. Who really owns a domain name?
  2. What is a buyer really purchasing?
  3. How can a buyer lookup ownership on domains affected by new data privacy laws such as the GDPR?
  4. Is it possible for a buyer to ensure title?
  5. Do services like typically warrant good title on a domain?
  6. What can a buyer do to protect themselves when buying a domain name?


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